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Abortion Clinic of Yorba-Linda, Placentia, Fullerton

If you are pregnant and do not wish to continue with it, we can help you. Planning out when to have a child and under what circumstances is a right we believe all women should have. This means that if you have an unplanned pregnancy, then abortion is one of the options that are available to you. Her Choice Women's Clinic is the low cost abortion clinic that is readily available to help you if you live in Yorba-Linda, Placentia, or Fullerton. Our Women's Clinic is very close to you.

There are many reasons that can influence a woman's decision to seek and visit our abortion clinic. Many have too many children already and cannot easily cope with the burden of responsibility of adding another offspring. This would deplete the care that the existing offspring require, and would not be fare to them. Others don't have a stable family environment, or don't have the support of a loving father or partner to bring and raise a newborn, and so cannot continue. Still others may be facing difficult economic times or need to finish their education before pursuing family, and the timing is not right for them. There are those that must end the gestation because it is medically too risky or it has been too straining on their bodies. Some feel so sick that are constantly in bed, cannot do anything, and sometimes even need to be hospitalized due to severe nausea and vomiting. Some are very young and lack the maturity yet to become a caregiver for a baby. Others have just had a baby recently, and being pregnant so soon and delivering another one is too much of a burden physically; not to mention that having more than one small child can be very overwhelming for any parent.

These are just a few examples of the dilemmas facing many women that face a crisis pregnancy. There are actually many other ones we have not listed here for sake of brevity. The point is that we must all be sympathetic to the hardships and challenges facing such women, and support instead of judge their decisions. This is our belief, and this is the reason that we provide abortion services at our medical center.

If you are seeking an abortion clinic in Yorba-Linda, Placentia, or Fullerton, please call us at 714-966-9094 so we can get you in as soon as possible. You can abort with the abortion pill if under 9 weeks or the procedure if over that.