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About Our Abortion Clinic

The Mission of Her Choice Women’s Clinic:

To provide quality and compassionate gynecological care for the women of our community in Huntington Beach, Orange County, giving information about and ensuring access to women's reproductive health, contraception and birth control, family planning, abortion counseling and abortion services.


About Her Choice Women’s Clinic:

This abortion clinic was established in order to carry out the above mission for the women of Orange County near Lake Forest and Tustin. We understand that access to women’s family planning and birth control can be a sensitive matter, and must be handled by trained professionals with expertise and specialty in this area. We specialize in family planning care and strive to make these services available to all that require them.

In addition to being abortion providers, we also provide general gynecology care for our community, especially in the area of sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment. We offer STD screening to our patients, and have the expertise to address questions regarding STD prevention as well as STD treatment. Another of our goals is to increase awareness and provide more widespread screening and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, thereby improving the public health of our community.

We further understand the strict need for confidentiality for the sensitive subject of birth control and contraceptive use. We are always striving to protect our patients’ confidential information as diligently as possible. This is our priority both during your visit as well as afterwards.

Many of our patients travel a considerable distance to access us, since they feel it is worthwhile to do so than visit a closer but less qualified health care provider. We are sensitive to our patients’ needs, and do our best to accommodate them, especially ones that travel from far to see us. This is reflected in our flexibility in scheduling them.

The Staff Ob/Gyn Physician:

Our Ob/Gyn physician is American trained. He received his Bachelor’s of Science from UCLA, his Medical Doctorate from UCI School of Medicine, and his specialty training in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the University of Arizona. He spent 7 years as a teaching professor, educating and training future physicians at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. He has a special interest in providing family planning, birth control, and abortion choices to women that need them, and making such options easily accessible.

Our physician is a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, which means that he has passed the rigorous testing requirements of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, which certifies only physicians with the highest caliper of knowledge and skill.

No matter which clinic you choose to visit as a patient, it is of utmost importance to first check the credentials of that facility’s staff physicians. You must insist that your care is being delivered by someone trained in that specialty, and also that he or she is board certified by the accrediting board of that specialty. Unfortunately, some medical clinics render specialized care by someone that is only marginally trained, not a specialized Ob/Gyn, or someone that is substandard and not board certified. Since you are entrusting a medical clinic with your health, you must ensure that the health care you receive is high quality.