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We offer counseling for various contraceptive / birth control methods. We believe that control over one's reproductive choice is an important right for all women. Such control offers a person to make the best decision for when and if to have children. A pregnancy is a serious event in a womsn's life, and is not without its risks. Control over that aspect allows that person to avoid a possible stressful or risky pregnancy.

The timing of conception needs to always be planned instread of happening by accident. A planned pregnancy means that the woman is financially, emotionally, and medically ready to have a child. Fortunately, in our modern age there is no need to leave this matter to chance. This control serves to empower all women that partake in it.

No one birth control method works best for everyone, and so each choice must be individualized. Among the various options included are:

Since there is no one best family planning / birth control method that works best for everyone, a birth control consultation visit with our health care provider will be required to find the best answer for you.

Emergency contraception (morning after pill) is also provided in cases of failed primary birth control. However, it must be emphasized that emergency contraception with the morning-after-pill is only meant to be a back-up in cases of unanticipated birth control failure, and that EC must not be used as the primary means of birth control.

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