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Sonogram / Ultrasonography

The main diagnostic imaging tool of obstetrics and gynecology is ultrasonography (also known as sonogram). We offer ultrasound exam in our clinic to evaluate a pregnancy, or for gynecology patients that are not pregnant. The ultrasound can be performed via abdominal or vaginal route (external or internal), depending on the need of the patient.

Ultrasounds have been found to be safe, both during pregnancy and for non-pregnant patients. A beam of high frequency sound (ultrasound) is projected on the tissue under the exam. Depending on the density of the tissue, the sound waves echo back slightly differently. The sonogram machine then interprets this difference in the sound echo, and an image of the tissue is constructed.

Anyone planning a pregnancy termination must obtain an ultrasound to estimate the gestation prior to the procedure. It is extremely important to know the location of the conception first and foremost. Second, we must know how far along is the pregnancy. Knowing the size of the gestation allows for proper planning during the procedure. The surgical procedure is very different as the pregnancy gets larger. Also, it may be the case that the fetus is too far advanced in its development in order to safely abort it. Furthermore, for those contemplating taking the abortion pill there is a limit as to the size and time. It can only be taken by 9 weeks, and we must know exactly how far it is advanced prior to taking this medication.

The ultrasound exam is included with the global fee for our abortion services.

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